OEM/ODM Customization

360°Customization for your brand packaging

Customized service process

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    Requirement Communication

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    Material Selection

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    Designing & Development

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    Quality Control

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Requirement Communication

Before our service begins, you can provide us with product specifications, colors, quantities, etc. in one of three ways, which are the necessary indicators we need to refer to in order to calculate an accurate price for you, so that we can send you a detailed quotation with detailed product and production solutions within 2-8 hours.

01 Type 1:

Provide product drawings and requirements with specifications

02 Type 2:

Provide samples and requirements, you can send samples to our factory or provide detailed sample pictures and specifications

03 Type 3:

Provide ideas and requirements, our team will provide you with one-stop design and production services according to your ideas

Material Selection

Before designing, it's time to delve into the details of choosing materials and craft. We can supply all the raw materials that can be found in the market. Pine, beech, acacia and walnut are four widely used wood materials.

01 Pine Wood:

02 Acacia Wood

03 Beech Wood

04 Walnut

Designing and Development

Our packaging experts will design and manufacture iconic packaging solutions for your brand.


We will arrange for professional engineers to make a sample based on the finalized drawing. After picking up the samples and confirming the final result with us, the customer can arrange the production of the order.


The production procedure as follow:

Quality Control

After production, our QC team will check the products and only qualified products will be packed and delivered to customers


Good packaging is crucial for the safe delivery of goods to your country. We generally use cardboard boxes for safe packing, but can also customize them to suit your needs.

Our experienced loading workers will take care of your products carefully when loading the goods. We will make sure zero damage of the goods when loading the container.


Advantages of customized services

3D Design

The design team's one-to-one targeted service builds 3D models to help clients visualize their projects, enabling them to better understand the product


Taking the needs of our customers as a starting point, we understand the development trends of our customers' industries through communication with them and provide them with competitive products to meet their individual requirements.


Our in-house design team puts innovation and customer insight at the heart of the creative process. We have always developed a deep understanding of our clients' brand DNA and we know how to blend professional technicality, refined luxury tastes and user experience to bring up the best creative answers.

Customer cases of customized services

Candle lite

Pine Wooden Candle Lid

WeWood is proud to have provided a wooden candle packaging solution for Candle lite, the original candle company in the USA

Wood wick

Rubber Wooden Candle Lid

WeWood continues to grow in candle packaging with a partnership to supply WoodWick brands with wooden candle lids

David walker

Reed Diffuser Bottle

WeWood has entered into a partnership with David walker and part of this is to provide packaging solutions for fragrance containers for the brand.


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