Dropper Bottle

Dropper Bottle

Dropper Bottle

Introducing WeWood's eco-friendly cosmetic dropper bottle, designed to revolutionize skincare routine with its sustainable materials and sleek design.

Experience the future of beauty packaging.

Advantages of Dropper Bottle Lids include

Easy to use

The dropper bottle cap can precisely control the size of each liquid dose, which is very convenient to use, especially when you need to control the liquid flow or add liquid to smaller containers.

Good sealing

The dropper bottle cap can effectively maintain the freshness and quality of the liquid, and at the same time prevent the leakage of the liquid and external pollution.


Compared with other packaging methods such as spray bottles and squeeze bottles, the dropper cap can reduce waste and overuse because it can precisely control the size of each liquid dose.


The dropper bottle cap can be applied to different kinds of liquids, such as viscous liquids, oily liquids and water-based liquids, etc., and has a wide range of application fields.


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