Storage Jar Lid

Storage Jar Lid

Storage Jars

Keep your pantry organized and your ingredients fresh with our eco-friendly and beautifully crafted Kitchen Canisters from WeWood.

Features of Storage Jars With Cork Lids

Keep fresh

We provide cork lids with good airtightness, which can maintain the stability of air and humidity inside the jars, thus preventing spoilage, oxidation and deterioration of stored items.


The cork cover can effectively prevent moisture and can be used in high-humidity environments. This makes them ideal for storing jewelry, artwork, and other items that require protection from moisture.

Easy to identify

Since the can body is usually transparent, the appearance and quantity of the contents of the can can be easily seen for easy identification.

Support custom OEM

Many storage jars with cork lids have a beautiful appearance and design, so they can be used as decorations or gift boxes.


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