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Mr. Qiu Jianqin(Ken), the chairman of the board. At the age of 15, he was working as an apprentice in a wooden furniture factory for 9 years. He has been deeply engaged in the wood and bamboo products industry for more than 30 years, Natural bamboo and wood products have special meanings and love to him.

When he was young, Mr. Qiu Jianqin traveled around Asia, Europe and many countries in the Americas. He realized that non-degradable packaging materials such as plastics caused great damage to the environment at that time, and would become more and more destructive in the future, even threatening the ecological environment on which human beings and animals depend for survival. Therefore, he founded WeWood factory at the age of 24, hoping to bring green sustainable products and packaging to people through his knowledge and factories, and make a contribution to the environment.

Over the past 20 years, the team led by Mr. Qiu Jianqin has provided sustainable packaging solutions to customers in more than 50 countries. Through cooperation with major brand companies, we jointly promote green products conducive to the sustainable development of ecological environment.

In the future, it is our unswerving pursuit to bring more green and healthy products to people.

Our team

Project managers, salesmen, designers, production managers and quality inspectors combine their expertise to support our client teams in each project, turning their wishes into reality.

Customer Reviews

  • Lisa

    Vendor has great quality and listens well to design considerations. Hoping to develop and work with them on future products.

  • Maxwell

    We are very happy with the products we receive from Dongguan Zhengxing Wooden Craft Co. The quality and consistency of the product is excellent. We particularly appreciate the friendly service and willingness to work to our requirements !

  • Mike

    These lids are amazing and a perfect fit for my jars. Coco and her team have been very flexible with helping me and negotiating a deal went smoothly. thank you all so much for your help! I can’t wait to do business with you guys again.

  • Johnson

    The seller had a great response and very professional, looking forward to working with them on products.

  • Ann

    Do not hesitate, they are very professional and provide excellent service. We have placed two orders with them this year and are very satisfied with our products. Claire went to great lengths to help us find the best price for shipping services. Very professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you for your excellent products and services.


About Our Future

In the future, WeWood team will do its best to make itself a reliable supplier of bamboo and wood packaging solutions in the industry, continue to provide customers with better products and services, and provide cost-effective products for various brand customers who are aware of environmental protection Solutions, work together to promote the concept of environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging, reduce the use of non-degradable materials such as plastics, and promote the development of global environmental protection.


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