Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

WeWood offers cosmetic spray bottle packaging that is eco-friendly, sustainable, and stylish.

Make a positive impact on the environment with our innovative solutions.

Advantages of Spray Bottle Caps Include

Easy to use

Use the spray bottle cap to easily spray the liquid on the desired area without using hands or other tools to apply or pour the liquid.

Save liquid

Use the spray bottle cap to spray the liquid in the form of a mist, which can be applied more evenly to the area where it is needed, and can also reduce waste.

Hygienic and safe

The use of spray bottle caps can reduce the contact between the human body and the liquid, thereby reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses and maintaining hygienic safety.

Easy to carry

WeWood provides spray bottle caps that can be installed on various bottles, which are easy to carry and can be used at any time, very suitable for travel and outdoor activities.


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