Wooden Perfume Cap

Wooden Perfume Cap

WeWood offers eco-friendly and luxurious perfume packaging options that not only protect your precious scents but also contribute to a greener planet.

Choose sustainability without compromising on elegance.

The Main Function of The Wooden Perfume Caps

Protect perfume

We provide wooden perfume caps that can protect perfume from external factors such as light, oxygen and pollutants, and extend the shelf life of perfume.

Preserve the aroma

The wooden cover can prevent the aroma from volatilizing and losing, making the aroma last longer.

Beautiful decoration

As a part of the perfume bottle, the wooden perfume cap can increase the beauty of the perfume bottle and make it more elegant.

Easy to open

The wooden lid can make the perfume bottle easier to open and close, convenient to use. At the same time, the wooden lid can also prevent accidental leakage of perfume during transportation and storage.


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