Cream Jar

Cream Jar

Cosmetic Cream Jar

WeWood's cosmetic cream jar with wooden lids offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for beauty routine.

Made from ethically sourced wood, this cream storage jar not only keeps cosmetics fresh but also helps reduce plastic waste.

Cream Storage Jars With Wooden Lids Advantages


Wooden lids can add a layer of natural beauty to the product, making it more decorative.

Environmental friendly

Compared to plastic jars, cream storage jars with wooden lids are made from natural wood and have less impact on the environment.


The wooden cover can prevent oxygen from entering the tank and protect the product from external pollution, thereby slowing down the oxidation rate of the product, extending the shelf life of the product and maintaining the hygiene and quality of the product.


Cream storage jars with wooden lids are usually thicker and less prone to damage than plastic jars, making them more portable.


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